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Field Partners

Water For People collaborates with a variety of field partners who work with us to support, plan, create, and follow up on our programmatic work in communities. Because of our guiding principle to “Keep Good Company,” we select our partners with care and work to train, coach, and build their capacity. This ensures that they will excel in their work both with Water For People and with the other NGOs with whom they work. Here is a selected list of field partners.



  • Consumer Association of Malawi (CAMA)
  • Chikhwawa District Council
  • Blantyre City Council
  • Rumphi District Council
  • TEECs
  • Freshwater Project
  • Hygiene Village Project
  • CCAP Synod of Livingstonia
  • Center for Community Development
  • Blantyre Water Board


  • Rwanda Organization for Solidarity and Development (ORSD)
  • Water Energy and Sanitation Authority (EWSA)
  • Rulindo District Council
  • Kicukiro District Council
  • Boundless


  • Kamwenge District Local Government
  • Kyenjojo District Local Government
  • Mid-Western Umbrella For Water and Sanitation-MwUws
  • ATC-Appropriate Technology Centre
  • BDS - Captiva Communications Limited
  • Local Savings and Credit Cooperatives



  • Nishtha
  • SSDC
  • Sabuj Sangha
  • Rural Aid
  • Sarboday Sangha
  • Manikjore Seva Sangha
  • Bengal Engineering and Science University (BESUS)
  • Sunderban Social Development Centre
  • Professional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN)
  • Vivekananda Regional Rural Development Organization
  • Naihiti Prolife
  • City Level Programme of Action for Street and Working Children (CLPOA)

Central America


  • OCDIH (Organismo Cristiano de Desarrollo Integral de Honduras)
  • Guatemala
  • ADICHCOM (Asociación de Desarrollo Integral Chujuyub y Comunidades-Chujuyu)
  • ACDIS (Asociación Comunitaria de Desarrollo Integral)


  • El Porvenir

South America


  • Development Training Institute (INCADE)
  • Grassroots Neighborhood Associations (OTB)
  • Association of Water Committees of the Southern Zone of Cochabamba (ASICASUR)
  • Association of Neighborhood Boards


  • Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano CENCA

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