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Water Heroes

Heroes come in all different shapes and sizes. So it is with the heroes who help to support Water For People. From the volunteers who give so much of their time and energy to the World Water Corps® and the Board of Directors, our heroes surround us and help to lift us up. Many water heroes do small things that make a huge ripple all around us. We thank you.

Here are some of the Water Heroes who have started something on our behalf or have finished a project.

  • Kraig Kern and his team Scott Whalen, Tasha Lewis, and Kary Kern are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro beginning August 25, 2011 and raising $1 for every foot they conquer. That means when they reach the summit their hope is to have raised about $20,000 for Water For People's work! Follow their progression here.
  • Internationally acclaimed mountain climber Jake Norton is attempting to be the first to have climbed the Triple Seven Summits, or the three highest peaks on each continent, in in an effort called Challenge21. Along the way, Norton’s using each step to call attention to the close to one billion desperate for safe drinking water and the 2.6 billion without adequate toilets. The philanthropic goal of the 21-peak expedition is to raise at least $2.1 million and get 2.1 million new people following the project and rallying around the need for safe water and sanitation. Check out the amazing effort at http://www.challenge21.com.
  • The Jonathan D. Krist Foundation created Music with a Mission to teach students about our most valuable resource: water. In addition to raising money for Water For People, the foundation provides materials to schools so they can join the Water Heroes on Tour and host an assembly using music and multi-media to raise awareness about our water resources. Learn more.
  • Kate Fogelberg ran in 10 marathons in support of Water For People in 2010, raising almost $10,000.
  • In April 2010 Steven Spydell and his son Matt started a remarkable journey that combined their goals of hiking the Appalachian Trail with their passion for clean water in developing countries. Steven Spydell, a member of the Water Environment Federation since 1992 and sewer utility superintendent for the City of Independence, Mo., decided to use the 5-month trip to raise money for Water For People and raise awareness of the importance of clean drinking water in developing countries. The effort raised $16,902 for Water For People! You can learn more about this effort by seeing his website, http://www.hikingforwater.org.
  • John Albert, from the Rocky Mountain Section Water For People Committee, set up a wedding registry fpr his wedding to make a donation to Water For People in lieu of a wedding gift.

Have a project that you’re working on for Water For People that you’d like to share? Please contact us with the details, and you might make it up here too!


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