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Be Fearless

For decades, charity has often been about big checks, meticulously-staged field visits, and celebrations for "winning" campaigns.

The truth is, nothing has been won…yet. Until now, charity has been like a game that never ends, the players running circles around each other trying to do good and conceive the big trick play to declare us all champions against hunger, poverty, and disease.

It’s time to Change the Game

Instead of declaring an early victory, let’s stick through it to the end. Instead of a sprint, let’s invest in a marathon of social change, with time management, strong partners, smart strategy, and proven growth. The more we invest, the better the outcome. When Water For People realized what it takes to achieve access to water for Everyone, Forever, we changed our behavior to Change the Game…and we got better results.

Society demands more and better every day: more impact, better data. More innovation, better solutions. More transparency, better leadership. And Water For People knows a better forever is only possible with a lot more change.

No one wants to play a game they can’t win. So let's #ChangeThat. The clock starts now.

Rethink: Wash

Rethink: WASH Water Sanitation Hygiene

Through our Everyone, Forever model, we’ve abandoned the concept that a specific dollar amount equals a life saved. Instead, we focus on community/government/NGO collaboration and contributions in the form of time, money, maintenance, and education from entire district populations to ensure long-term investment and commitment to clean water and sanitation services. Everyone who wants water does their part to get it, and keep it. The movement grows to national levels, and eventually, we step away.

Reimagine Reporting

Transparency: ReImagining Reporting

Our new comprehensive data and analytics platform is just one step in ensuring efficiency and positive results from Everyone, Forever projects. We are ready to pivot mid-play and change our behavior based on qualitative and quantitative data for water needs, usage, and operations, sanitation business practices, and district demographics, environment, and culture. We always strive to keep our partners, donors, and communities informed.

I Love You Phil

I U Phil(anthropy) Now Change

We are proud of all of the progress in the water and sanitation sector, and by all charitable organizations working hard to create change. As humans we are designed to give back, and to put our personal stamp on philanthropy. But we also know it’s time to mix things up to see real success—for nonprofits, for donors, and for the people, places, and things we’re impacting. We're devoted to solving global problems for good, which is why we want philanthropy to thrive in ways like never before.


For real social change, we all have to be willing to Change the Game together.

Here are a few ways you can start:

I love you phil

Wait, what's that about changing philanthropy?! It's like this: We’ve had a wonderful run so far, and at Water For People, we couldn’t be more proud of the amazing things we’ve accomplished with our Everyone, Forever model, our new reporting system, and our push for community investment and sustainable operations in the water and sanitation sector.

But we, and others looking to create real, lasting change around the world (that’s you) have more growing to do. There are more demands than ever for our time and talents, and for lasting results. And we can only achieve success in the art of loving mankind if we push ourselves to continue to change the way we work, play, live, give, and love.