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Celebrating 30 Years

This year, we have so many reasons to feel grateful and hopeful. With 30 years under our belt, we are humbled to say that, thanks to your generosity – and thanks to countless dedicated local partners in communities around the world – millions of people now have access to safe, reliable water and sanitation services. 

As we honor the past and look toward the future, we're sharing 30 reasons to raise your glass (of water)! Cheers to 30 Years!

30 Reasons to Raise Your Glass

In the early years, Water For People completed projects in over 40 countries. Eventually, those well-intentioned projects failed; pumps broke, but nobody had the knowledge or the money to fix them.

Enter the Rulindo Challenge.
In November 2010, in Rwanda's Rulindo District, the innovative Everyone Forever model was born. Water For People firmly committed to sustainability, challenging ourselves to reach Everyone in a district and to ensure the water and sanitation services would last Forever.

Today we are celebrating the success of the Rulindo Challenge!
Now, 330,000 people across 500 villages, including 33 health clinics and 94 schools, have what our founders aspired to make possible: Everyone has water!


Tell us why sustainable, clean water and sanitation access is important to you by using the form below. We'll be sharing some of the most inspiring reasons, so check back soon!

Access to sustainable clean water and sanitation brings many smiles which makes the world a happier place.


– Winifred N.
Water gives back time and health to families - especially women and children in rural areas who spend most of their time looking for water, sometimes walking dozens of kilometres every day.
– Jean Pierre B.
Water is life. Water is all around us and is crucial that we have access to it. Without water we wouldn't have health, development nor food. So, water is life. ♥
– Julissa C.
Because it's the right thing to do.
– Mary Beth
#WaterisLife! All of earth's inhabitants need water to survive! Along with our home as Earth and her creatures/animals great & small.
– Jean J.
It is the basics of human rights, and it should be available to everyone. Sustainability helps us to improve clean water and sanitation accessibility to remote areas.
– Maria S.
It is important for the quality of life and health.
– Marie D.
Water is life, and it’s a basic right for everyone. I wish and hope that every living creature has access to fresh healthy water. Thank you
– Carla
Because I believe water and sanitation are human rights, and Water For People understands that dignity and community ownership are crucial pieces to this work!
– Julia
Because we need to keep our children healthy and safe - Because access to safe water and proper sanitation is a fundamental human right.
– Tony
Because we give agency to women and other traditionally disenfranchised groups.
– Eleanor
I celebrate when people have safe drinking water.
– Chikumbutso N.
Because women and/or girls should not fetch water but have the choice to engage in small businesses, plant crops, or go to school
– Margie
We seem to take things for granted. Wasteful research has opened my eyes and I want to help promote and raise awareness in all countries - we are all one world
– Cole B.
It is good to help people in the world so that everyone gets a clean water supply for their health and happiness.
– Sarwan W.
I have lived in a place with pure sweet spring water and want everyone to have access to clean water.
– Karen F.
Access to water and sanitation ensures that individuals can take pride in themselves and their communities, and spend time, energy, and intellect striving to reach their potential rather than struggling to meet their basic needs. These fundamental elements of daily life should be a right fulfilled, not a barrier to succeed.
– Melissa
Water gives life. And clean water saves lives. People die, especially children, due to diarrhea and dehydration from drinking unclean water. Few things are more sad than watching a funeral procession carrying a small casket, which is a wood box no longer than a yard stick, containing a child that died of causes that could have been easily prevented.
– Dan Y.
Through the Everyone Forever model, Water For People and partners are not only creating life-changing access to water and sanitation services - they are helping to strengthen the foundations of resilient communities that will continue to manage their chosen solutions to any other challenges faced by their community. The thoughtful and collaborative nature of the Everyone Forever model is built upon important, transferable skills and experiences.
– Kevin S.
I feel very fortunate to live where there are very little concerns about access to clean water, and it's frankly hard to imagine there are so many parts of the world where that is not the case. I'm happy I have some resources to donate to hopefully bring more health and happiness to those who've been less fortunate. It warms my heart to know I'm helping in my small way so that others can live a more fulfilling life.
– Paul M.
I first learned of Water For People around the year 2000 and joined the Board in 2002. I soon learned the unique approach taken by WFP that has stuck with me to this day. WFP is a development organization helping people help themselves by utilizing local materials, people, and resources. WFP will facilitate change but sustainable change must be driven by the local community. Water is life, sanitation is dignity. Clean water changes and saves lives. Schools, clinics, and every family thrives when you have clean water, sanitation, and health education. I spent 41 years in the Water Industry, my 12 years on the Water For People Board were some of my most rewarding years during my career. The many other Board members that I served with and traveled with while on the Board were some of the finest people I have ever met in my life. Everyone was passionate about WFP and what it was doing to change communities' lives. Everyone Forever was a game-changer and has been a catalyst for improving the entire sector. God bless Water For People. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I heard that while visiting projects all around the world.
– Chuck D.