Water For People—Canada

Water For People–Canada is a charitable, nonprofit, international humanitarian organization dedicated to the development and delivery of clean, safe water and sanitation solutions in developing nations. It is the Canadian equivalent of the U.S.-based charity, Water For People. Canadian water industry professionals established Water For People–Canada in 1995, to support and promote the mission of Water For People in Canada among the public and the water community.

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About Water For People—Canada

Water For People–Canada has established committees throughout Canada mostly in conjunction with regional sections of the American Water Works Association. The committees inform members of the water industry and the general public about the work of Water For People–Canada, and through various means solicit funds to support the administrative and fieldwork.

Since its founding in 1995, Water For People–Canada has sponsored more than 50 projects benefiting the most marginalized people, particularly women and children in Bolivia, Honduras, Guatemala, Malawi and Vietnam.

Water For People–Canada takes pride in teaching people how to address their own water issues. All project work is designed to encourage capacity-building and long-term sustainability by the communities themselves.

Water For People-Canada 2018 Board of Directors

A board of directors consisting of up to 13 members governs Water For People-Canada. The Board includes representatives from regional water and wastewater industry associations: Reseau Environnement; Atlantic Canada Water Works Association, Ontario Water Works Association; Western Canada Section AWWA; British Columbia and the Yukon (BC Local Committee); Water Environment Federation Ontario; President or representative of Water For People; Past President of Water For People-Canada; and as many as five additional members at large whose interest in charitable activities is compatible to the objectives of Water For People-Canada. Directors are elected to the board by the current board members, and once elected serve as individual directors.

    • Don Hoekstra
    • Water For People-Canada Vice President/Past President
    • Director of Innovation, Technology, and Alternative Delivery (Retired)
    • Ontario Clean Water Agency
    • dhoekstra@ocwa.com
    • Stan Torgunrud, P. Eng.
    • Water For People-Canada Treasurer
    • Project Manager
    • Associated Engineering
    • torgunruds@ae.ca
    • Penny Davey
    • Water For People-Canada Director
    • Sales Manager
    • Environmental Science and Engineering Magazine
    • penny@esemag.com
    • Peter Turgoose, A.Sc.T
    • Water For People-Canada Director
    • Vice President
    • PSI Pipeline Systems International
    • gooseworks@telus.net
    • Ara Markarian, ing., M.Sc.A. / P.Eng (OIQ), M.A.Sc
    • Water For People-Canada Director
    • Water and Waste Water Market Segment Manager
    • Directeur de Segment pour les Marchés Traitements des Eaux
    • Robotic and Motion Division / Division Robotique et entraînements
    • ABB Inc.
    • ara.markarian2@gmail.com

January 2019

Water For People–Canada Staff

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Water For People–Canada is a Canadian registered charitable organization, BN#898221973 RR 0001

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