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Aveda Atlantic has teamed up with Water For People to celebrate Aveda Earth Month 2018. Committed to ending the global water crisis, Water For People exists to promote the development of high-quality drinking water and sanitation services, accessible to all, and sustained by strong communities, businesses, and governments.

Water For People - Canada is the Canadian equivalent of the U.S.-based charity Water For People. Canadian water industry professionals established Water For People - Canada in 1995 to support and promote the mission of Water For People among the public and the water community in their country. Water For People - Canada specifically supports water and sanitation efforts in Peru.

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Michael Sagastegui is the president of the water committee in Pampas de San Isidro in the district of Cascas, Peru.


En lo alto de las montañas de los Andes en Perú, María Montalvo Arce cultiva uvas.


The story of one determined teacher who has changed the future of water for an entire community.


High in Peru’s Andes Mountains, Maria Montalvo Arce grows grapes.


Michael Sagastegui es el presidente del comité de agua en Pampas de San Isidro en el distrito de Cascas, Perú.

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