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Photo of a mother and daughter seated in front of a teal wall drinking water


When you?re not walking miles each day to secure your family?s water or worrying that the water you?re drinking is contaminated in a way that will make those you love sick, it can be hard to truly comprehend the impact of clean water and sanitation. The communities where Water For People partners are passionate about sharing what these sorts of changes have done for their schools, their homes, and, most importantly, their lives.

We offer virtual y en persona experiences where you can meet our teams and partners?the communities who build, operate, and maintain their own systems so that every family, health clinic, and school has lasting access to safe water and sanitation for generations.

When you participate, you?ll come away with a deeper understanding of the work our teams do on a local and national level, what sustainable infrastructure can look like, how communities build for their needs, and the importance of solving the global water crisis once and for all.

In 2023 we?re traveling to Honduras (April 22-28) and Uganda (October 14-20). If you?d like to join a group of likeminded supporters as we experience this work firsthand, reach out to Julia Correia para más información.

Please note, hands-on programmatic work is not performed on Impact Experiences. For information on technical volunteering, visit the Cuerpo Mundial del Agua página.


Únase a la comunidad Water For People asistiendo a un evento u organizando uno propio. Desde carreras hasta conciertos, documentales y happy hours, hay muchas maneras de involucrarse y conectarse con Water For People. 

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Su apoyo puede ayudarnos a hacer de la crisis mundial del agua un problema del pasado para Todos para Siempre.