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Jacobs + Water For People

For Canadian employees, to make a Canadian tax-deductible donation, visit Canada Helps and select Jacobs in the drop-down menu.

About our partnership

Having clean drinking water is a basic necessity that many of us take for granted, but 2.1 billion people lack access to clean water. That’s nearly 1 in 3 people in the world.

Thanks to you and Jacobs, we're changing that number. 


Employees from over 130 Jacobs project locations and offices donated to Water for People this year


Amount donated by Jacobs and employees during the 2019 employee giving camapign this year

Jacobs Donates More Than $465,000 to Water For People

DALLAS, Jan. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Expanding its commitment to helping end the global water crisis with sustainable solutions, Jacobs (NYSE:J) presented nonprofit organization Water For People with a donation check for $467,230 at Jacobs' January Board of Directors meeting.

"We appreciate the enthusiasm and generosity staff showed for our first combined Jacobs employee giving campaign, and I am humbled by the generosity. Our donations allow Water For People to provide complete water coverage for every family, every school and every clinic in the nine countries where they work—bringing everyone together to make a difference."  

Bob Pragada

COO and President of Buildings, Infrastructure and Advanced Facilities, Jacobs

"I have seen first-hand the overwhelming need for clean water and sanitation in developing nations during my travel and Peace Corps service. I am proud to work for a company that supports Water for People."

Jacobs employee

California, U.S.

"Well done for the initiative. This is a very important and touching project and I am proud I work in a company with ethics that contributes to the society. Congratulations for the people who actually work on it. Wish for the best!"

Jacobs employee

Glasgow, U.K.

"Water is such a basic need and so many of us take it for granted. Nothing can be achieved without it. A reliable source can change so much. This donation is being made with my three children in mind. I hope it will make it possible for the children of others to achieve great things putting their imaginations to work when freed from concentrating on water."

Jacobs employee

Colorado, U.S.

Any questions about Jacobs employee giving? Please reach out to Julie Kauffman at