Thank you for being one of everyone!

Reaching Everyone with water and sanitation takes the work of countless people – the "ones" who come together for the good of Everyone.

These are the stories of the people who are the driving forces behind water and those whose lives are changed Forever because of it.

They are each One of Everyone, and so are you.

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Meet the Ones of Everyone


Students on Sagar Island in West Bengal, India feel a sense of ownership over their school’s water and sanitation facilities.

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“We cannot do anything without water,” Sumati says.

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Annie sits outside of her mud-plastered home, a small thatched canopy providing little respite from the Malawi heat. Her gaze focuses on some scribbled words on the side of her latrine: Tigwiritse Nchito Chimbuzi Moyenera Nthawi Zonse.

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The story of one determined teacher who has changed the future of water for an entire community.

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The air is hot and sticky as the afternoon temperature rises in the town of San Jose del Norte.

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