Kenneth J. Miller Founders' Award

Each Water For People Committee & Workplace Giving partner, across North America, can pick one Miller Awardee in each award cycle. Upon completing the official winner’s form, it will be emailed directly to Water For People. You will be contacted to indicate the form was received. If you don’t hear from us within 2 weeks of submitting the form, please contact us.

The official Kenneth J. Miller Founders’ Award Pin will be shipped by Water For People to the awarding group to present to the winner. Please include the date of the ceremony in the winner’s form and allow one month’s notice for shipping. The winner must be notified of their win prior to April 15, at which time Water For People will be in touch with all winners. Annually, at AWWA’s Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE), the Winner will be recognized at a formal luncheon and awarded a plaque. Conference attendance is not required to attend the luncheon, which is held at a nearby hotel.

Award Cycle:
June 1 – May 31
Winner Form Due:
March 31
Miller Pin Must be Awarded to Winner By:
April 15
National Awards Ceremony:
Held during ACE in June


  • An individual can only receive a Miller Award once.
  • Each Committee can choose one winner per award cycle.
  • Each Workplace Giving partner can choose one winner per award cycle (one per company, not per office).

For more information and for eligibility, please email us.

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The Kenneth J. Miller Founders’ Award was established in 2001 by the Board of Directors of Water For People to honor outstanding volunteer service to this international humanitarian effort. Water For People was conceived in response to the water, sanitation and health needs of millions of families living in the developing world.

From its beginnings, Water For People was envisioned to be a volunteer effort of the North American water and wastewater communities. The American Water Works Association (AWWA) leaders who organized Water For People believed that water professionals throughout North America would recognize the urgent need to support such a cause by contributing their financial assistance, organizational skills, and professional expertise. Local groups of water and sanitation professionals launched hundreds of active programs in support of Water For People. As the organization grew and began to accomplish its vision of service, it became evident that extraordinary volunteer efforts were being made at the local level and that this dedicated work needed to be publicly acknowledged and honored.

The search for a model individual to exemplify the value of volunteer service and to underscore the importance of this award led immediately to Kenneth J. Miller of Denver, Colorado, one of the founders of Water For People and its first president.

Ken Miller was a volunteer leader in AWWA and its related organizations for 40 years. He held every office in the AWWA–Rocky Mountain Section and was one of its prestigious Fuller Awardees. His AWWA honors include the Diven Medal for Outstanding Service to AWWA and the Abel Wolman Award of Excellence. Ken is the only person to serve as an officer of AWWA, the Water Research Foundation, and Water For People.

Ken was a senior vice president and director of CH2M. He served with Denver Water and the Denver Health Department. Although his entire career was dedicated to public water service, he made time for volunteer work in the Denver Chamber of Commerce, Colorado University, and the Community College of Denver; the National Academy of Science Assembly of Engineers; the American Chemical Society; Christ Congregational Church; the Water Environment Federation, and numerous other social, civic, and educational organizations.

After a distinguished career of national and local service, Ken Miller passed away June 17, 2010. He is an unsurpassed model for those who would aspire to contribute to their community, their professional societies, their country and the needy of the world. That is why Water For People has named the Founders’ Award after Kenneth J. Miller—in the hope of inspiring others to emulate his example of self-sacrificing volunteer service.

Today, the Miller Award is a prestigious accolade for our outstanding champions. From Committee members to Workplace Giving partners, this award recognizes those who dedicate time out of their already-busy schedules to help bring an end to the global water crisis.

Miller award 2017

Past Awardees

2017-2018 Kenneth J. Miller Founders’ Awardees

  • Melissa Ariss Arcadis
  • Garry Boychuk, P. Eng Ontario Water Works Association
  • Bichvan W. Boyles Ohio AWWA-WEA
  • Nicholas Dierkes North Carolina AWWA-WEA
  • Danielle Dresch Kentucky/Tennessee Section AWWA
  • Angelita Fasnacht American Water
  • Justin Ford Pacific Northwest Section AWWA
  • Victoria Hawkes New England Water Works Association
  • Jeff Johnston Michigan WEA
  • Cindy Kransler Ride With Purpose Association
  • J. Andrew Landrum Virginia AWWA-WEA
  • Bailey Leppek Rocky Mountain AWWA-WEA
  • Samantha Liccketto New Jersey Section AWWA
  • Teri Lytle Carollo Engineers, Inc.
  • Kari MacDonald Western Canada Section AWWA
  • Steve Meininger Jacobs
  • Lisa Melton AZ Water Association
  • Elyce M.T. Nollette Federal Water Quality Association
  • Robert Regalado Florida Section AWWA
  • Gabriel J. Rodriguez California/Nevada AWWA
  • Anastasia Rudenko New England WEA
  • Colleen M. Shanahan Ecolab
  • Abbie Smith EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC
  • Patricia D. Spence Indiana Section AWWA
  • Lynn Williams Stephens Brown and Caldwell
  • Donald J. Tata Tata & Howard, Inc.
  • Richard G. Thrash, Jr. CDM Smith
  • Alice E. Towey Bay Area Water Works Association
  • Nickole M. Uva Pennsylvania Section AWWA
  • Jonathan Vorheis Texas Section AWWA
  • Laura Walker Georgia Section AWWA
Photos from 2018 Event

2016-2017 Kenneth J. Miller Founders’ Awardees

  • Amy Baker AZ Water Association
  • Rachael Beam Pennsylvania Section AWWA
  • Meredith Berlin Rocky Mountain AWWA-WEA
  • Debbie Bradshaw Florida Section AWWA
  • Anne Bridgman Western Canada Section AWWA
  • Lorene Bruns Michigan WEA
  • Jeff Cunningham Indiana Section AWWA
  • Carolyn de Groot Ontario Water Works Association
  • Ruth A. Gavel New Jersey Section AWWA
  • Jolene Gibson Pacific Northwest Section AWWA
  • Carolyn Grieves Illinois Section AWWA
  • Paul L. Judge North Carolina AWWA-WEA
  • Rachael Moxley Federal Water Quality Association
  • Christian W. New Nebraska Section AWWA
  • Jeroen Olthof California-Nevada Section AWWA
  • Sandra Patterson Southwest Section AWWA
  • Amy D. Riegler Ohio AWWA-WEA
  • Tina Roncalli Ride With Purpose Association
  • Martha W. Segal Kentucky/Tennessee Section AWWA
  • Sophia Skoda Bay Area Water Works Association
  • Al Sosebee Georgia Section AWWA
  • Charles W. Tyler New England AWWA-WEA
  • Trent Woodward Texas Section AWWA
Photos from 2017 Event

2015-2016 Kenneth J. Miller Founders’ Awardees

  • Douglas D. Borkosky Ohio AWWA-WEA
  • Donald Q. Bunker New England AWWA-WEA
  • Gary Craig Ontario Section AWWA
  • Jerry Cravins Kentucky-Tennessee Section AWWA
  • Linda De Kock Michigan WEA
  • Jeff DeVille South Dakota Section AWWA
  • Michael Dreiling, PE Virginia AWWA-WEA
  • Cindy Foss Pacific Northwest Section AWWA
  • Jennifer M. Howells Federal Water Quality Association
  • Jenny Lopez AZ Water Association
  • Jennifer Meisenhelder Florida Section AWWA
  • Amy L. Middleton Texas Section AWWA
  • MaryJane Peters Indiana Section AWWA
  • Jeffrey Peters Ride With Purpose Association
  • Sita Ramakrishnan California-Nevada Section AWWA
  • Keller Schnier North Carolina AWWA-WEA
  • Chris Ulm Illinois Section AWWA
  • Erika S. Vardaxis New Jersey Section AWWA
  • Ryan Walsh Rocky Mountain AWWA-WEA
  • Stephen L. Williams Georgia Section AWWA
Photos from 2016 Event

2014-2015 Kenneth J. Miller Founders’ Awardees

  • Juan Fernando Aceituno Florida Section AWWA
  • Emily Allen Rocky Mountain AWWA-WEA
  • Katie Chamblerlain New England Section AWWA
  • Michael E. Conner, P.E. California-Nevada Section AWWA
  • Donald Cuthbert Ohio AWWA-WEA
  • Gary De Kock Michigan WEA
  • Nicholas DeVecchis New Jersey Section AWWA
  • James Dumpert Federal Water Quality Association
  • Albert E Gallaher III North Carolina AWWA-WEA
  • Deborah Goudreau Ontario Section AWWA
  • Robert L. Horner, PE South Carolina AWWA
  • Jonathan Kunay New England WEA
  • Martin MacVittee Virginia AWWA-WEA
  • Laura L. McCasland AZ Water Association
  • Dennis Ross Ride With Purpose Association
  • Holly Shorney-Darby Missouri WEA
  • Donna K Skidmore Southwest Section AWWA
  • Meghan E. Slater Connecticut Section AWWA
  • Peter B. Turgoose British Columbia-Yukon Committee
  • Jacob J. Van Dyke Kentucky-Tennessee AWWA
  • John Wiltrout Indiana Section AWWA
  • Kristin Young Pacific Northwest Section AWWA
Photos from 2015 Event

2013-2014 Kenneth J. Miller Founders’ Awardees

  • Anthony J. Bellitto, Jr., Pennsylvania Section AWWA
  • Stacy Ann Boyles, Federal Water Quality Association (District of Columbia)
  • Kali Bronson, Rocky Mountain AWWA-WEA, New Mexico Sub-Committee
  • Odetta Cadwell, Indiana Section AWWA
  • Adam Conner, Texas Section AWWA
  • James Cooling, New York Section AWWA
  • Andi Corrao, California-Nevada Section AWWA, San Diego Sub-Committee
  • G. Keith Denos, Intermountain Section AWWA
  • Andrew W. Fairey, South Carolina Section AWWA
  • Jagroop S. Gill, AScT British Columbia Water & Waste Association
  • Paul Klassen, Western Canada Section AWWA
  • Holly Kremers, Florida Section AWWA
  • Corin Marron, Arizona Water Association
  • Julie McLelland, PE North Carolina AWWA-WEA
  • Tim McLelland, Ohio Section AWWA
  • Gary Moxley, Kansas Section AWWA
  • Perry J. Nelson, Southwest Section AWWA
  • Nicki Pozos, Pacific Northwest Section AWWA, Northwest Oregon Sub-Committee
  • Rita Schmidt, Sudman Water Education Foundation (Sacramento)
  • David VanHoven, New England WEA
  • Tom Wiedmeier, Georgia Section AWWA
  • R. Vaughn Williams, P.E., Kentucky/Tennessee Section AWWA
Photos from 2014 Event

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