Ajoy Kumar Jana

Durbachati is more than just one of the eight areas in West Bengal where we’ve reached everyone with access to safe water, it is living proof that progress is possible.

We’ve worked with the local government and community leaders to ensure that Durbachati’s 3,877 households and 15 schools have safe water within reach. Today, kids are spending less time searching for water and fighting off illness, and more time learning and growing in the classroom.

Ajoy Kumar Jana, the Up-Pradhan (or Vice President) of Durbachati doesn’t want to stop there.

He wants to build another high school to accommodate overcrowding, and make sure students don’t have to travel too far and leave their families, or drop out altogether because there isn’t enough room. He is also on a mission to build a clinic specifically for women and girls.

Jana’s goals for Durbachati are big, but thanks to lasting access to safe water, they can become a reality.

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