Anne Maria

The water is starting to flow in Rulindo, Rwanda. And not a moment too soon. Anne Maria’s granddaughter, Josephine, is responsible for getting the daily water. Twice a day, she hikes down and back up the steep hillside to fetch water at the free spring in the valley.

But recently, supply hasn’t met demand and fist fights have broken out. Ten-year old Josephine got beaten up for trying to get water for her family to drink. Less school and less time to play for Josephine. And for the past several months, her mother had to go with her as protection. Less work and family time for mom.

But in June 2012, a new water kiosk near their home turned on as a part of Water For People’s effort to find ways for Everyone in the Rulindo district of Rwanda to have improved access to water Forever.

It’s not free, because the goal is for the residents to collect enough money to fix or replace the system in the future so that they never have to turn to another water organization in the future. Anne Maria says she’ll happily pay a little because it means safer water, protecting her granddaughter, more time for mom, and the kids get to be kids. She just needed an option, and now, thanks to Water For People’s supporters, she has one.

“I never thought I’d see the day when I’d have water near my home,” said Anne Maria. That day is today.

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