Parbati's Legacy

Parbati, 34, was born and raised in Abad Gangadharpur. Before she had access to safe water she would spend almost two hours every day walking for water, and when it rained it was even worse. She would use the safe water for drinking, but would bathe and cook with water from a nearby pond.

Today, thanks to the installation of a water point providing clean and safe water, it only takes 10 minutes for her to collect water. Now she has time for herself, outside of household duties. And when her family is home at night she has the energy to spend time with her kids and help them with their homework.

Parbati also has time to be an active member of her community’s water committee, together they collect 5 rupees from each household every month to help maintain the water point for generations to come.

For Parbati, safe water means progress for her children and her family’s future.

“Now that we don’t have to worry about water-borne diseases, we spend less on medical expenses and can save for our futures. Plus, our children will be healthy and energetic,” she explains. “This means they will be able to go to school and live without the worry of disease.”

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