Water for Every Community

When Don Anacleto came to the community of Frontera in the district of Villa Rivero, Bolivia, the only way his community members could get water was from a hand-dug well at his home. Every day, all his neighbors would have to come to his house to get the water they needed.

Now, all that has changed.

The community was able to finance a drinking water system with support from Water For People’s partnership with the national government program Mi Agua. One hundred people in Frontera now have access to drinking water from an improved drinking water system – every day of the year, every hour of each day.

Doña Esperanza, Anacleto’s wife, says each family pays about $2 per month for water access, which is affordable for most families. To keep the water system running smoothly, every three months the families get together to clean and maintain the system. Don Anacleto is Vice President of the local water committee, and he says he’s happy lead his community in this way, which ensures his children will have safe and reliable water for years to come.

In 2016, the district of Villa Rivero reached a critical Everyone milestone: every community in the district achieved access to reliable water service. This means 42 communities just like Frontera can now depend on water for generations to come.

Our numbers are based off the following data:

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