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Water For People Among Leading Nonprofits in Employee Engagement

DENVER, July 13, 2018 — Humentum’s 2018 Benchmarking Initiative reveals Water For People is a leading nonprofit in employee engagement. Based on Water For People’s most recent global employee engagement survey, the organization scored significantly higher on engagement than the benchmark average of 32 similar nonprofits.

The 2018 Employee Engagement Benchmarking Initiative, launched by Humentum and Agenda Consulting, is a tool for their members to assess and improve their employee engagement. The initiative is comprised of 26 questions, with each organization’s data combined to formulate the benchmark medians.

With offices in 10 countries, Water For People has built employee engagement into its culture and core values globally. Quarterly Balance Scorecard meetings, annual reflection sessions, regional learning webinars, and annual goal setting aid to foster a community of collaboration. Employees are encouraged by leadership to engage cross-departmentally and contribute to a culture of transparency, compassion, and innovation.

Identified below are Water For People’s 3 highest and single lowest scores. Results greater than +10 indicate significantly higher scores than the benchmark and results greater than -5 indicate significantly lower scores than the benchmark.

True to its core people-centered values, Water For People is using this data to further improve its efforts to create a collaborative and engaged workforce. To combat its lowest benchmark (Recognition), Water For People created a Task Force to specifically address the need for recognition in the workplace. The task force existed to collect data and brainstorm, and HR is now creating a Recognition Program.

At the beginning of FY18 our Recognition Task Force sent out a survey to employees asking what they would like to see in a new recognition program in response to employees not feeling recognized while at work. After compiling this data, Water For People is creating a formal, global, and inclusive recognition program to address the need for employees to feel recognized for all of the incredible work they do for the organization – Lily Hauser, Human Resources Coordinator

About Water For People Water For People exists to promote the development of high-quality drinking water and sanitation services, accessible to all and sustained by strong communities, businesses and governments. We’re working to reach Everyone Forever. Learn more at

Contact: Mike Ksenyak | Human Resources Manager | Water For People | 720-288-4554 | [email protected]

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