Other Ways to Give

Millions of people around the world don’t have access to safe water and sanitation resources. Your donation to Water For People is an investment for the future: it gets us one step closer to complete water coverage for every family, every school, and every clinic — Everyone Forever.

Other Ways to Give

Looking to make a bigger impact? Here are a few other options to make the most of your gift to Water For People.

Vehicle Donation

Donate your car through our partnership with Cars Helping Charities.

Workplace Giving

Talk to your employer about coordinating a matching gift or creating a fundraiser. Email your match form to donate@waterforpeople.org. Federal employees can donate as part of a combined federal campaign using CFC #10916

Planned Giving (Safe Water Guardian Society)

Set up planned giving and become a Safe Water Guardian. With thoughtful planning today, you can make a transformative difference beyond your lifetime. You can make a future gift that costs nothing during your lifetime — such as including Water For People as a beneficiary in your will, retirement plan, or life insurance policy. Learn more.

Gifts of Stock

Gifts of appreciated securities can be a way for you to make an immediate, significant contribution to Water For People. Make an impact investment through a gift of stock.

Tribute Gift

Select the box that says, "I would like this donation to be made in honor or memory of someone" on our online donation form and we'll send the honoree an eCard with your gift to be delivered on the date of your choice.

Start Your Own Fundraiser

Are you running a race, climbing a mountain, giving up a birthday, or wanting to send your wedding guest list an alternative to yet another toaster? Set up an online fundraiser and get started today!

Impact Calculator

With every dollar you give to Water For People, we can extend it to become a true investment in providing access to clean water for Everyone Forever. Our strategic partnerships with communities, local government, and local businesses helps $50 become $524 (or more).

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Impact Calculator Breakdown:

Your initial investment of $0 increases by $0* with dedicated support from local governments, businesses, and community organizations to $0.

So...communities can create sustainable, locally maintained water and sanitation infrastructure.

The availability of clean water changes everything.

Time = Money

Your contribution grows even more because women and girls no longer spend much of their day hauling water. Instead, they can go to school, grow more food, join the workforce, and get involved with their community. That is why investments in water have an average of 8X** the economic benefit per dollar invested. All that productivity equals a huge boost to the local and global economy.

*Based on Water For People 2013 Global co-finance investments. **Based on figures from the World Health Organization.

Our numbers are based off the following data:

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