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Transformando comunidades

Se necesitan tres horas para viajar desde Cochabamba, una ciudad en el centro de Bolivia donde tiene su sede el equipo de Water For People, hasta Puka Puka, una comunidad dentro del municipio de Pocona. ¿El camino en esta época del año es agradable? pequeños manantiales entre las laderas reflejan una variedad de verdes en la vegetación circundante. Es imposible resistirse a hacer una pausa para apreciar el impresionante paisaje. 

Doña Jhobanna has lived in Puka Puka for 10 years. In her opinion, the vista isn’t always this pleasant. From August to December, the surroundings change. The browns of dry leaves overtake the green, and worryingly, the water becomes scarce. This seasonal water scarcity has continued to intensify, leading people to migrate to other communities and municipalities.

“Teníamos dos manantiales que usábamos para el agua, pero se han secado. El alcalde traía agua en una cisterna una vez por semana, pero no era suficiente. Para lavar la ropa, íbamos al río, pero estaba lejos”. 

Today, Jhobanna is the president of the local council in Pocona and represents over 9,000 people. She doesn’t want any of them to experience what it’s like not to have water.? 

A joint investment between the Pocona Municipal Government, the Puka Puka community, and Water For People led to the construction of a water system. With training and support, Jhobanna and those in Puka Puka have ownership over the system operation, maintenance, and water source protection.  

Jhobanna ahora ve un tipo diferente de cambio, comenzando directamente en su hogar. "Mis hijas se sienten muy felices", comparte. "¡Simplemente pueden abrir la tubería y usar el agua!" 

Climate change affects water and sanitation access for people through more devastating weather events ? such as the intensifying dry seasons and droughts in Puka Puka. Water For People partners with communities and governments to ensure water sources are protected, infrastructure can handle more extreme weather events, and funds are set aside for ongoing operation and maintenance.

Water For People is promoting strong water resource management and protection. In Bolivia, this includes teams leading strategic, native tree planting to promote strong, sustainable, resilient environments so that water sources are protected and access can continue into the future.

It’s through this work and partnerships that communities like Puka Puka are transformed ? for generations to come.