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World Water Corps®

The World Water Corps is the technical volunteer arm of Water For People which supports our international programs in their efforts to reach Everyone Forever (universal water and sanitation services that last). Everyone Forever (EF) is the cornerstone of Water For People's programming and success in the development sector. As simple as it may sound, EF is highly complex by nature and requires the full support of all stakeholders, including volunteers. World Water Corps Volunteers have the opportunity to engage with Water For People in a dynamic role as expert consultants committed to helping our country programs solve technical challenges through training and consulting.

World Water Corps assignments can differ drastically in theme, calling to action engineers, finance experts, scientists, managers, and GIS professionals. The diversity of expertise required is a reflection of the complexity of the Forever Challenges faced by communities, water service providers, and authorities in the districts we are currently targeting.

Those challenges, and the types of assignments, include:

  • Local Water Resource Management (water resource inventories, water balance studies, water quality, etc.)
  • Institutional Arrangements (strengthening water service providers, service authorities, etc.)
  • Finance (tariff studies, establishing capital maintenance funds, etc.)
  • Embedding Monitoring (as regular practice within EF districts and then national)
  • Sanitation as a Business (products, supply chains, financing mechanisms, etc.)
  • Hygiene, Schools, and Clinics (methodologies for hygiene promotion and education in different contexts)

Water For People relies upon World Water Corps to help us learn and grow. Reports and feedback from World Water Corps volunteers help us know what is working and create (or adapt) our strategies in-country. Some assignments are completed from a home location (desk studies), but most require travel to the field. Travel expenses are covered by the volunteers.

World Water Corps does not dig wells or construct latrines. In fact, we don’t believe that contributing labor to a project is in the best interest of the community. Many ask us why. The answer is simple. Water For People is helping to build community strength that can last over time.

We believe in a network of local investment, local incentives, and local resources. This is one part of making our solutions last.

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