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Water For People Careers

Water For People is one of the leading innovators in the water and sanitation sector, in big part because of our team. We work across nine countries to ensure water and sanitation are accessible to Everyone Forever, and our employees around the world help drive sustainable solutions to end the global water and sanitation crisis.

Our headquarters team is based in Denver, but we have employment opportunities globally.

Current Job openings

Oficial Regional de Captación de Fondos para América Latina

Impulsar la gestión de financiamiento a nivel regional, a través del desarrollo e implementación de estrategias innovadoras de recaudación de fondos, con el propósito de diversificar y aumentar los recursos financieros, que garanticen la auto sostenibilidad de la organización. Base de trabajo es indiferente, pero restringida a una de las tres siguientes ciudades: La Paz (Bolivia), Tegucigalpa (Honduras), o Ciudad de Guatemala (Guatemala).

Employee Rights and Benefits

U.S. employee benefits include paid time off, health and dental insurance, and retirement compensation. Global benefits differ per country. We work in a team-based environment and value the benefits of a diversified workplace.

Employee Rights
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Your support can help us make the world’s water crisis a problem of the past, for Everyone Forever.