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Water For People is a global nonprofit working across nine countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa to address the global water crisis and equip communities with lasting access to clean water and sanitation services – for Everyone, Forever. And when we say forever, we mean forever.

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Water is a human right.

The Crisis

1 in 4 people lack access to clean water. Nearly half of the world doesn't have a decent toilet.

Water For People

We build lasting solutions to end the global water and sanitation crisis.

Where You Come In

Join us – you can change a life forever.

We believe in a world where everyone has safe drinking water, forever.

We partner with local governments, businesses, and individuals, providing the support they need to bring clean water and sanitation systems to their own communities. Then we ensure they have the resources they need to maintain those systems now and in the future. The local government provides the structure. The local shop owner provides the materials. The local entrepreneur makes repairs.

And the local family gets clean water for a lifetime.

Where We Work


Local Spotlight Chikhaldara, India

The hillsides in Chikhaldara are home to numerous rural tribal communities. Water availability is volatile here as droughts become more common and families grapple with the impacts of climate change. 

Water For People began partnering with local communities and government partners in 2019, ensuring historically vulnerable and excluded populations, including low caste and tribal communities, have ongoing access to safe, reliable water and sanitation services.

What change looks like