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Education Starts with Bathrooms

"I’ve been to schools where the situation is bad." Prossy is a seventh-grade student in Uganda. She’s seen what it’s like when schools don’t have water or usable bathrooms. 

Prossy lives in Luuka, a district home to over 267,000 people. Despite the eagerness of students, attending school isn’t easy. Poor conditions lead many of them to drop out. For others, their schools are shut down entirely by the local government.

Prossy, a primary school student in Luuka, Uganda

Young girls are at an especially high risk of losing out on education. "In my former school, some girls had issues with the bathrooms, especially during their periods, and never came back to school," Prossy shares.

Water For People is working with the local government and partners in Luuka to ensure everyone has reliable water and safely managed sanitation services. This includes reaching the 98 schools in the district.

Water For People partnered with Prossy’s current school to ensure reliable water access and build new bathrooms. "The school toilets are even better than the ones I have at home," she says. These new bathrooms include handwashing stations and areas for boys and girls, including a changing room and ways to dispose of menstrual hygiene products.

Now, Prossy gets to focus on her classes – not crumbling bathroom stalls. She can study for her upcoming exams – not worry about how she will manage her period. And she can spend time with friends – not walking to collect water. 

Water For People is supporting schools around the world, because improving the water, sanitation, and hygiene access and services makes it easier for students like Prossy to continue their education.

"Now I enjoy coming to school every day!" says Prossy, as she’s ready to head back to class.