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Meet Eleazar

Water Guardian in Peru

Meet Eleazar – A high school teacher with a passion for education, a volunteer committed to the environment, and a Water Guardian in the northern highlands of Peru.

In 2019, Eleazar joined other teachers from his school for a training hosted by Water For People where they learned about incorporating water, sanitation, and hygiene into their curriculum. The training included technical coaching, ongoing monitoring, and guidelines for evaluating the success of the lessons. Additionally, the teachers created visual materials to teach about the water cycle with a scale model that shows the path of water from the mountains to their school – truly bringing to life the role water plays in their community.

School programs like this are a crucial piece to the long-term sustainability of Water For People’s work. As students learn key behaviors and lessons around water, health, and hygiene, they take this knowledge home to their families – spreading awareness through the community.

Last year, Water For People helped install an interactive water and sanitation classroom for Eleazar. He encourages his high school students to create a culture that promotes the rational use of water and hygienic habits. He also inspires his students to learn, reflect, and propose actions to develop their skills as future leaders who champion a strong culture of valuing water.

On any given school day, Eleazar can just as easily be found outside with his students, demonstrating the interconnectedness of the environment around them. From caring for plants and trees to lessons on conserving water and maintaining the taps, he’s helping raise a new generation of Water Guardians that champion and advocate for the world around them.

"I believe my work that promotes water, sanitation, and hygiene culture is important so that in the future, my students can make the best decisions to ensure that everyone in their community will have access to water and sanitation – Forever," Eleazar shares.

Eleazar is a global Water Guardian – everyday women, men, and children who are doing their "one thing" to bring an end to the global water crisis. Donate today to keep this work going.