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Events & Exchanges

Water For People Events

Join the Water For People community by attending an event or organizing one of your own. From races to concerts, documentaries to happy hours, there are many ways to get involved and connect with Water For People. 

Thank you for being a champion of safe water and sanitation! We look forward to seeing you at an event.

Can't find an event in your area? Grab your friends and start planning! Get started.

Photo of a mother and daughter seated in front of a teal wall drinking water

Impact Exchanges

It can be hard to comprehend the impact of clean water and sanitation when you’ve never experienced life without it. But when you’re walking miles each day to fetch water or worrying that the water you do have will make your family sick, the reality is much clearer. Water is life. The communities where Water For People works are passionate about sharing what reliable water and sanitation have done for their schools, their homes, and their lives.

We offer virtual and in-person exchanges for current Water For People supporters who want to deepen their understanding of our work. The trips are also open to people who are new to our work and want to engage at a higher level. 

You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of the work Water For People does on a local and national level, what sustainable infrastructure can look like, how communities build for their needs, and the importance of solving the global water crisis once and for all. 

If you'd like to join a group of like-minded supporters to experience this work firsthand, reach out for more information or view upcoming Impact Exchanges below.

Please note, hands-on programmatic work is not performed on Impact Exchanges. For information on technical volunteering, visit the World Water Corps page.