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Water For People Events

Your time is valuable, so spend it well. Attend a Water For People event or organize one of your own, and you can change everything. For Everyone Forever.

Thank you for being a champion of safe water and sanitation. We look forward to seeing you at an event.

Can’t find an event in your area? Grab your friends and start planning! Get started.


Want to meet the faces of clean water in person? You can! Impact tours demonstrate how our approach to sustainability is strengthening communities and bringing prosperity in the districts where we work. Join a tour and see firsthand how your support brings water and sanitation to every family, clinic, and school, forever.

Most tours spend a week in country observing our work and interacting directly with community leaders, local staff, government officials, local families, and NGO partners. 

Please note, hands-on programmatic work is not performed on Impact Tours. For information on technical volunteering, visit the World Water Corps page.

Upcoming Impact Tour

Please reach out if you are interested in getting more information.

COVID-19 Update: Water For People is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation to ensure the health and safety of all attendees to our events. Presently, the fall Impact Tour to Uganda is still set to take place on November 12-19, 2020 and we will update everyone should there be any changes.

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Your support can help us make the world’s water crisis a problem of the past, for Everyone Forever.