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Meet Siuli

Water Guardian in India

Siuli Soren is the first from the Bhababand tribal community in West Bengal to attend college. The Khoyrasole block of the  Birbhum district where she’s from still faces the brunt of India’s outdated caste system and these 59 households have very few modern developments. People are denied access to water facilities and are often socially and economically poor. With inadequate water facilities and wells and pumps that dry up in summer, gathering water—a chore primarily for women—is a constant burden.  

When Siuli was growing up there was only one functional hand pump serving the 258 people in her village. A few years ago, Siuli approached the local government about adding a closer water point. It was a simple request that came with several layers of complication: Water points have to be managed locally and local communities have to support maintenance. It can often be challenging to convince people to pay for water. 

But Siuli led the way and facilitated the whole process with Water For People and the government, forming a local Bhagabandpur Jol Byboharkari Samiti (water user committee), garnering local support to raise local contributions, and finalizing the site where the system would be installed and pipes would be laid. She even represented the community and opened a bank account in the name of the water user committee. 

The work included an overhead tank, boring and laying of pipe, electricity, and water connections in all 59 households, plus three public standpoints and connections in a primary school. Siuli also had to raise awareness among the community on health and hygiene issues. She did it all. 

Siuli is now in her senior year of college. But because of her efforts, a whole generation of young girls will not know the burden of water.  

Siuli is a global Water Guardian – everyday women, men, and children who are doing their "one thing" to bring an end to the global water crisis. Donate today to keep this work going.