Everyone Forever Progress Visualization (EF Tracker)

Monitoring is a vital tool for program sustainability and improvement. Water For People and our local government partners collect data on a wide range of variables – from service levels and sustainability, to sanitation uptake and customer satisfaction. Our current Akvo Flow ratings go well beyond simply ensuring that water is flowing and systems are functional. We also assess the capacity of the institutions responsible for providing services in every district where we work. Additionally, Water For People holds annual Reflection Sessions in every country we work in, with participation from our staff and partners. These sessions celebrate successes, identify barriers, and adjust our approaches to achieving water and sanitation for Everyone Forever. Both our annual monitoring and Reflection Sessions have the added value of building capacity among our local partners, helping districts prepare to take over monitoring and ensure that water flows Forever.

Driven by our core value of Transparency, we created Everyone Forever Tracker to visualize the impact Water For People is having globally. Below, you can click through each country and district to learn more about our 2017 progress. To understand more about water and sanitation levels of service and how we measure them, you can reference our Monitoring Framework.

Data current as of June 2018

Beginning in 2017, Water For People started to evaluate the entire enabling environment for long-term provision of services using a Sustainable Services Checklist. Service provider data is one aspect of the checklist, but it also includes evaluation of the service authority and has a water resources management component. The checklist has eight core indicators that are consistent across country programs. Under each core indicator there are a series of metrics that must be met to receive the point for the indicator.

Because our Monitoring Framework changed in 2017, only data from 2017 will be displayed in Everyone Forever Tracker today. We look forward to adding both 2018 data and Sustainable Services Checklist data in 2019.

Our numbers are based off the following data:

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