Water For People and Absolut Elyx, under the Absolut brand, are on a 5-year joint mission to bring access to safe water to over 100,000 people worldwide. Water is the foundation of both our organizations, but it's our shared commitment to integrity, creativity, and sustainability that brought us together. This 5-year movement is making a big change, not just for one day, or even one year, but for generations to come.

In July 2015, the Aboslut Elyx team traveled to Peru with the Water For People team to experience first hand the incredible work our team is doing with the community to bring safe water solutions to Everyone Forever in the district of Cascas.

What Makes This Partnership Unique?

The Absolut Company has an excellent long-standing commitment to sustainability, conservation, and the environment. And the Absolut Elyx makers are constantly searching for solutions and new processes to further reduce the distillery's water and carbon footprints.

Absolut Elyx, is taking a bold step to transform the spirits industry by integrating philanthropy into its business model. Water is essential to its craft, and by giving back to Water For People, Absolut Elyx is helping drive awareness to the global water crisis. Not only is it supporting Water For People financially based on its sales of Absolut Elyx vodka and the company's signature copper products; it is also dedicated to our Everyone Forever model to reach every family, every school, and every clinic with lasting access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene education for generations to come.

How Can I Support Water For People in This Partnership?

Visit the Elyx Boutique, an exclusive on-line store featuring their signature copper drinking cups and a selection of limited edition copper gifts. For every purchase made from the Elyx Boutique, a week’s (140 liters) worth of safe water will be donated to those in need of it

Participate in Absolut Elyx’s campaigns such as #RaiseItForward, and follow events benefitting Water For People on Instagram and Facebook.

Acting with Integrity & Making an Impact

As of October 2017, the partnership has made a big impact, helping more than 30,000 people with safe water and 2.1M+ liters of water given. More to come!!

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