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Our Employees

Meet the Global Hub employees who support the organization through fundraising, operations, monitoring, evaluation, learning, and more.


Internal Communications Manager

Lauren Anderson

Senior Manager Major Gifts

Nathan Aragon

Business Development Manager - Consultant - Water For People Canada

Krim Benaissa

Manager - Community Engagement

Jessica Carner

Data Coordinator

Danielle Connor

Sr. Manager of Strategic Integration

Julia Correia


Carla Dongo

Regional Business Development Officer, Latin America

Marcelo Gonzales

Sr. Manager of Fundraising Operations

Alayna Hamilton

Director of Principal Gifts

Kelly Honecker

Grants Manager

Lauren Hosp

Sr Manager - Corporate and Community Engagement

Julie Kauffman

Marketing Strategist

Kat Leitzmann

Senior Grant Writer

Margie Mazzarella

Director of Donor Engagement

Kristine Mazzullo

Grant Writer

Sarah Mechtenberg

Donor Database Manager

Erin Palin

Regional Marketing and

Communications Coordinator – Latin America

Ivan Palma

Director of Strategic Integration

Christopher Planicka

Sr. Business Development Manager

Chelsea Reppin

Donor Engagement Manager

Daryl Schreiber

Senior Designer and Strategist

Martha Snowbarger

Development Specialist

Jasmine Thevarajoo

Director of Strategic Communication

Hope Voelkel


Director of Finance

Isaias Chiri

Staff Accountant

Vanesa Gutierrez

Regional Finance and Administration Manager, Latin America

Alex Herrera

Senior Director of Finance

Lisa Mauldin

Regional Finance and Administration Manager, Africa

Sammy Pete

Senior Accountant

Jennifer Tafoya

Accounting Assistant

Lyneen Watkins Doucet


Global Facilities, Health, and Safety Manager

Stacie Benis

Global Administrative Assistant

Misty Berry

Director of Risk Management - Consultant

Mauricio José Villagra Salguera


Global Advisor for WASH Market Systems Development

Carlos Batarda

Senior Global Advisor for National Impact

Nick Burn

Program Manager - US

Chris Freimund

Senior WASH Financing Advisor

Phaniso Kalua

Sr. Global Advisor for Climate & WRM

Kelly Latham

Regional Program Manager - Africa

Wellington Mitole

Global Advisor - Gender, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Ruby Novello

Director - Partnerships, Policy, and Advocacy

Melissa Revotskie

Senior Advisor of Influence and Strategic Alliances - Consultant

Liza Rivera


Sr. Manager of Information Technology

Kevin Hammer

SharePoint Developer

Ishwarya M. Rao

Help Desk Manager

Rashad Malik

Help Desk Manager

Carlos Velasco

Strategic Accountability and Adaptation

Regional Program Officer - India

Trupti Ashtankar

Director of Global Monitoring & Strategic Accountability

Laura Brunson

Global Programs Specialist

Valeria Cintora

Sr. Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

Arpita Chatterjee

Regional Program Officer, Latin America

Patrick Coad

Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Latin America

Ben Greiner

Manager of Evaluation and Learning

Anna Libey

Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Africa

Julius Namanya

Regional Program Officer - Africa

Meghan Prentiss


Global Support Coordinator

Erika Calabretta

Director of Global Talent Management

Jennifer Gance

Global Total Rewards Manager

Natalie Russell

Global Human Resources Manager

Ana Tovar

Regional Human Resources Manager, Latin America

Jacqueline Villanueva

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