Everyone Forever Progress

Water For People’s Donors and Partners Powered Incredible Achievements in 2018.

2018 Results

Total Impact

3.3 million people are now using reliable water service as a result of Water For People’s work in over 30 districts in nine countries


Every community, family, school, and health clinic in these districts has access to reliable water service.

  • San Pedro, Bolivia
  • Villa Rivero, Bolivia
  • Asunción, Peru


This is Water For People’s First Forever Milestone!

The district’s service authority and service providers are maintaining water service – operation, investment, and monitoring – without support from Water For People. Water For People will maintain an oversight-only role before exiting completely, once we are confident that water will flow Forever.

  • San Pedro, Bolivia

623 Communities

We now have 11 districts where all communities have reliable water service, impacting 623 communities.

510 Schools

We now have seven districts where all schools have reliable water and sanitation, impacting 510 schools.

32 Health Clinics

We now have seven districts where all health clinics have reliable water and sanitation, impacting 32 clinics.

697,570 People

We now have five districts where every family is confirmed to be using the water services, impacting nearly 700,000 people at the household level.

Progress Toward Everyone

Water For People measures progress toward reaching every community, family, school and health clinic by recognizing key milestones along the way, celebrating first when every community in a district has reliable water service.

Every COMMUNITY in these Districts has Reliable Water:

  • San Benito, Bolivia (2018)
  • Sheohar, India (2018)
  • Blantyre, Malawi (2018)
  • San Rafael del Norte, Nicaragua (2018)
  • Asunción, Peru (2018)
  • Arani, Bolivia (2017)
  • Villa Rivero, Bolivia (2016)
  • Patharpratima, India (2016)
  • Sagar Island, India (2016)
  • San Pedro, Bolivia (2014)
  • Cuchumuela, Bolivia (2012)

The next critical step is when we have verified that all families are using the reliable water service that is available.

Every FAMILY in these Districts is using the Water Service:

  • Arani, Bolivia (2018)
  • Villa Rivero, Bolivia (2018)
  • Sheohar, India (2018)
  • Asuncion, Peru (2018)
  • San Pedro, Bolivia (2017)

But our efforts don’t stop there. We are also committed to schools and health clinics, and we celebrate when all schools and clinics in a district have reliable water and sanitation services.

Every SCHOOL AND HEALTH CLINIC in these Districts has Reliable Water and Sanitation:

  • San Antonio Ilotenango, Guatemala (2018)
  • Patharpratima, India (2018)
  • Sagar Island, India (2017)
  • Villa Rivero, Bolivia (2016)
  • Asunción, Peru (2016)
  • Cuchumuela, Bolivia (2014)
  • San Pedro, Bolivia (2014)

While it is important for districts to reach each of these milestones for the first time, we are especially encouraged when they maintain services year over year. This indicates sustainability, and is one of the first steps toward achieving Forever. If a district is included above, it has maintained water service levels since the year listed.

Defining Everyone Forever

Water For People promotes safe water and sanitation services for every community, family, school, and health clinic on our journey to reach Everyone in a district. This means every single person – even the hardest to reach, the most vulnerable, the marginalized – has access to reliable water and sanitation services.

Reaching Everyone is just the beginning. We want to make sure water and sanitation services are sustainable. Forever means working from the ground up and top down – empowering communities and governments so Water For People doesn’t have to be around forever, but water and sanitation services will be. Forever means that water supplies are protected, managing institutions are functional and funded, sanitation services are available, and communities are aid-independent.

Learn more about how we measure our progress toward Everyone Forever

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