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Many companies match donations their employees make to nonprofits. See if your company will match your donation to Water For People.

We also have partnerships with companies who organize workplace giving campaigns to Water For People. If you work at one of these companies, you can reach out to us or your human resources department about how to donate.

Employees Want to Give

Employees want to work for a company that cares about causes like safe water and gives back. Studies have shown that a company’s involvement with causes is one of the most important factors employees consider when applying for a job.1 It can increase employee engagement and productivity, and it can reduce turnover.2 A well-designed corporate responsibility program can even increase revenue.3

"The partnership with Water For People has brought many benefits to EA. I regularly hear from employees who are excited to make an impact by supporting Water For People and proud that EA is part of the Everyone Forever mission."

Ian MacFarlane

Chief Executive Officer, EA Engineering, Science, and Technology PBC

"Brown and Caldwell’s purpose is driven by the passion of our people to make a lasting difference for our clients, our communities, and our environment. Our employees take great pride in supporting the tremendous work Water For People does to help bring clean, sustainable water and sanitation to communities that need it most."

Rich D’Amato

Chief Executive Officer, Brown and Caldwell

"Water is all we do at Carollo, and this adds a special relevance to our relationship with Water For People. Our employees find it rewarding to know that our commitment to water doesn’t just end with work but extends beyond through this partnership to have a broader impact. The annual campaign brings the company together in a meaningful way, allowing us all to feel part of something larger."

B. Narayanan

Chief Executive Officer, Carollo Engineers, Inc.

This is what you can do

If your company doesn’t currently match donations to nonprofits, you can be a part of making this happen. Your company can have a life-changing impact by making clean water and sanitation available to Everyone Forever. This gives people back their time, their health, and their futures. Additionally, your company’s commitment to safe water could make employees even happier about coming to work. It’s a double win.

How to Set Up an Employee Giving Campaign

We’ll work with you to help make your workplace giving campaign a success. Once you set a time for your campaign, we have resources to help you engage your company’s employees and meet your fundraising goals.

You’ll have access to sample presentations, social media posts, speeches, and event ideas. We’ll provide stories and videos for you to share that show the impact of people’s donations.

We want to empower you to help your company and your colleagues have the greatest impact possible.

Flyer Template - Workplace Giving


Hear from passionate supporters whose companies have workplace giving programs and initiatives.