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Population: 32.17 million

rural access to basic and safely managed water services: 75.6%1

Rural access to basic sanitation services: 56%2

everyone forever
districts: 3


Water For People in Peru

Peru is a country of great geographic diversity — boasting plains and deserts, central highlands, Andes Mountains, and eastern tropical rainforests. Peru’s economy is growing rapidly, but disparity between the rich and poor is increasing.

Water For People started working in Peru in 2008 and began implementing the Everyone Forever model in 2011 in the district of Cascas.

Helping Peruvians bring water, sanitation, and hygiene to their communities

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Water For People works in two districts to construct piped water supply systems that are managed by communities. Alongside district government partners, we train community water committees on topics like calculating tariffs, reading micrometers, testing water quality, and maintaining water systems. These trainings help ensure sustainability of water systems.

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In Peru, we support microfinance institutions that provide loans for household sanitation improvement. To make sure families can invest in improved bathrooms, we help make sure sanitation products are locally available and masons are trained to construct bathrooms.

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In 2013, we created a water, sanitation, hygiene, and water resources management curriculum that is being used in schools. Today, this curriculum is being used across schools in both Cascas and Asunción.

This is the face of clean water in Peru

Everyone Forever Districts

Scaling the Impact

The national government of Peru is dedicated to improving water and sanitation services in the country, and Water For People supports government partners in any way possible. We work hand in hand with national leaders to promote an Everyone Forever approach that will support district governments to reach everyone in their districts with water services that are sustainable. Water For People is currently providing direct technical assistance to five regions in northern Peru that are scaling water and sanitation services.