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Population: 12.21 million1

Rural access to basic water services: 53%2

Rural access to basic sanitation services: 70%3

everyone forever
districts: 5


Water For People in Rwanda

Rwanda is a small, landlocked country in east-central Africa and has one of the densest populations on the continent. Water For People’s work began in Rwanda in 2008, and in 2010 we conceptualized and launched the Everyone Forever model in Rwanda’s Rulindo District.

Helping Rwandans bring water, sanitation, and hygiene to their communities

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Water For People is promoting piped water systems throughout the three districts where we are implementing the Everyone Forever model. Government partners co-invest resources alongside us, which helps create local ownership of these systems. Water For People is also training both district staff and water system operators to manage and maintain the infrastructure.

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The market-based sanitation approach we take in Rwanda means we invest in local businesses to help solve sanitation problems. This includes training and supporting pit emptying technologies and entrepreneurs, as well as helping start treatment plants that turn the collected waste into reusable products, such as fertilizer. Water For People is also supporting local community hygiene and sanitation clubs that promote and finance safe sanitation practices throughout villages.

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Water For People helps construct better water and sanitation facilities in schools, including separate toilet blocks for girls and boys and menstrual hygiene resources for girls. Student-led hygiene committees promote safe water, sanitation, and hygiene practices such as handwashing and keeping toilet blocks clean. Many schools use ecological toilet blocks that produce compost that is reused on school gardens or local farms.

This is the face of clean water in Rwanda

Everyone Forever Districts

Scaling the Impact

Rwanda was the first country where Water For People implemented the Everyone Forever model, and now we’re building the model into Rwanda’s national water policies. As a member of Rwanda’s Water and Sanitation Secretariat, we’re working alongside donors, NGOs, and the Ministry of Infrastructure to promote sustainable water services. 

Agenda For Change is a collaboration of WASH organizations working around the world to promote sustainable water and sanitation. In Rwanda, our Agenda For Change partnerships are another avenue through which we advocate for universal, sustainable water access for all of the country.