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Water For People stands in solidarity with the Black community

To our Water For People Supporters,

The racial injustices over the past few weeks in the United States have evoked international outrage, pain, and heartbreak. Water For People stands in solidarity with the Black community and with everyone fighting for justice and equality in the United States and around the world.

Equity lies at the core of all that Water For People does. Just as it is everyone’s right to have access to clean water and sanitation, we believe it is a same fundamental right for every individual to be treated with dignity, respect, and equal justice under the law. Among the primary reasons Water For People exists is because black lives matter everywhere. We stand with those who are committed to overturning systemic racism to build more diverse and inclusive communities. But we know it is not enough to stand; we must act.

This means continuing to listen, learn, and evolve. We will persist in looking for new ways to work with our global colleagues to achieve greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workforce, on our Board of Directors, and in all aspects of our programs. For our U.S. employees, we will share anti-racism resources and encourage continuous learning, self-reflection, and avenues for collective action to influence change in the U.S. context.

We will demand of ourselves the creation of an organizational culture where everyone feels welcome and heard. And we will seek more ways to elevate the voices, talents, and contributions of the local leaders and community members with whom we work side-by-side so that, together, we can create opportunity and prosperity through safe water and sanitation, but also through our shared commitment to humanity. 

This is only the beginning. We will keep this conversation going, challenging our own biases and growing in our perspectives. Only in these ways – only through such action – can we be part of the solution. I hope you will continue to be part of the solution with us.

In solidarity,

Eleanor Allen
CEO, Water For People

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