What We Do

We believe that everyone deserves lasting access to safe water and sanitation.

Why We Are Different

When it comes to solving one of the world's largest problems, one solution does not fit all.

Water For People empowers local governments, community members, and service providers to invest in the long-term solutions and systems that are right for them. This means listening to them and establishing trust from the very beginning. We want every community, household, school, and clinic to have lasting access to safe water and sanitation for generations to come – we call this impact model Everyone Forever.


Everyone is achieved when every school, every clinic, and every household has access to safe water and sanitation. Even the hardest to reach.


In every community where we work, we strive to implement systems that will last for generations to come. When it comes down to it we want to make sure our districts never need another international water and sanitation NGO again.

Co-Investing (co-financing)

​Water For People never fully funds projects in the districts where we work, and we require local governments and communities to invest as well.


​When we implement a project we commit to field-level monitoring, this means that we are able to verify results and address the inevitable problems that will come up.

Scale and Replication

When it comes to measuring momentum, scale and replication are key. We galvanize neighboring communities and national governments to adopt the Everyone Forever model.

When it comes down to it, we invest in people.

Why it Works

Co-Investing (Ownership)

Water For People never fully funds projects, because we want to make sure the communities and countries we work with take ownership of their water and sanitation services. Individuals, communities, and governments become our partners, bringing their support, labor, skills, and investments to the project. They own the systems they build and are responsible for their care.

Capacity Building (Sustainability)

We take sustainability seriously. We're creating systems that will last for generations to come, and to do that we focus on building capacity so communities are able to finance and maintain the systems when we're gone.

Monitoring and Reporting (Accountability)

Water For People commits to monitoring until water service is sustainable and monitored by the local service authority. This is based on our sustainable services checklist, which measures a country's progress toward Forever.

Replication (Reaching Scale)

We believe that once momentum builds at the district level, replication at the national level, led by national water authorities, becomes easier. We advise and influence communities and governments to build out district-wide and country-wide Everyone Forever initiatives.


FLOW stands for Field Level Operations Watch. It’s a system to collect, manage, analyze, and display geographically-referenced monitoring and evaluation data. It has been under development for several years with significant field implementations already undertaken. To date, FLOW has been used mainly to track the condition of water points such as wells and pumps. But it could be used to monitor any kind of local infrastructure.

Akvo FLOW brings together three elements:

  1. Handheld data collection: The FLOW Field Survey application runs on Android phones and devices with integrated GPS, camera, and custom adaptive surveys.
  2. A web-based dashboard where users manage and analyze FLOW surveys and data.
  3. Visual map-based reporting tools displayed in Google Maps and Google Earth.

Water For People and Akvo have partnered to address the monitoring gap in the development sector utilizing a system now called Akvo FLOW, which has the potential to transform water and sanitation development work worldwide by offering organizations an integrated way to collect, analyze and report monitoring data regarding the condition of water and sanitation projects. As phone networks and internet connections now penetrate affordably into most of the poorest regions of the world, even $80 phone handsets can capture geographically tagged information including photos and video.

Why was FLOW built?

The research and development of FLOW began in 2010 by Water For People, addressing the need to replace cumbersome paper-based monitoring surveys and the delay in manually compiling the information. The system was designed to provide accountability and transparency to donors and the public through fast data collection, survey flexibility, analytical tools for data-driven decision making, and map-based reporting of results.

Last year, Water For People issued a Request for Information (RFI) to identify a partner to continue enhancement of FLOW. The partner required a keen understanding of development work throughout the world, have the capabilities to continue developing FLOW, and have the ability to build out and support a large network of partners to use FLOW as an open source platform. Akvo had planned to expand their work beyond its core product, Akvo Really Simple Reporting, and develop a mobile phone-based monitoring and evaluation tool for its growing network of partners.

Akvo Flow

Sustainable Sanitation

4.5 billion people around the world lack access to adequate sanitation.

Perhaps one of the more ignored or misunderstood elements of water poverty by the general population and even the charitable sector is sanitation services.

When you think about providing clean water, you conjure images of clear drinking water pouring out of a tap or buckets of well water used to water crops and serve livestock.

But then there’s the other stuff—the stuff that is not as pretty to think about or even to deal with, but is just as important—like emptying septic tanks, building toilets, and providing sanitary napkin containers and services for female students. That’s all sanitation.

*Where we get our facts

Everyone Forever Progress Visualization (EF Tracker)

On EF Tracker, you'll find detailed information and metrics about our work towards Everyone Forever. We are currently changing our platform so the visualization of our data is offline. Please check back soon to see our updated site. If you are interested in our 2017 impact numbers before the site is back online, please contact info@waterforpeople.org.

Our numbers are based off the following data:

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