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The 2023 UN Water Conference & How We’re Supporting a BOLD Water Action Agenda

"Water is a dealmaker for the Sustainable Development Goals, and for the health and prosperity of people and planet.

But our progress on water related goals and targets remains alarmingly off track, jeopardizing the entire sustainable development agenda" (

For the first time in more than 40 years, the United Nations is convening heads of state, NGOs, civil servants, business, and others to come up with a bold water action agenda. And it must be very BOLD. As recent UN reports have already shared, we’re behind in where we need to be in solving for Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6), water and sanitation for all, by 2030.

Here’s how Water For People is participating in the UN Water Conference taking place March 22-24, 2023 and the conversations – backed by actions – that we hope contribute to the much-needed BOLD water action agenda.

Tuesday, 21 March

A virtual event with Water For People/, 11-12 pm EST

Holistic solutions to climate change: The role of finance and other new strategies in WASH.

Kate Harawa, Director of Influence and Scale in Malawi, will join colleagues from and iDE. You can register for the event online here.

Wednesday, 22 March

Water For People/The Nature Conservancy, 2-4pm EST at The Nature Hub

Adapting with Nature: A global call to action on nature-based solutions for climate resilience.

Cate Nimanya, Regional Director for Africa, on is on a panel with colleagues from The Nature Conservancy to talk about how nature-based solutions support making communities more resilience to climate change. Read more about why climate resilience matters.

Thursday, 23 March

A virtual roundtable discussion with the World Bank, 10:30-12:30 pm EST

Roundtable on Supplementary Urban Water Service Providers – A Game Changer for Meeting the SDGs

This session provides insights on how safely managed Supplementary (Off-Utility) Service Providers (SSPs) can contribute to attaining the ambitious SDG 6. Kate Harawa, Director of Influence and Scale (Malawi), will join colleagues to discuss how formalizing the role and regulating these SSPs can lower costs, expand coverage, and improve water supply services. Register for the event here.

Friday, 24 March

Water For People Uganda, 2-3:15 pm EST

Water For People Uganda is co-convening a panel with the Ministry of Water, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR); Stichting Deltares, Netherlands; International Organization for Migration (IOM), and United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF). Brenda Achiro Muthemba, Country Director in Uganda, will join these partners to discuss "Strides towards attainment of SDG 6 in delivery of Water Services and Water Security in Displacement Settings and host communities: Uganda’s response to Conflict and Climate Change-Induced Migration."

One For All

One For All was founded in the belief that we can go farther and faster together. Solving for SDG 6 requires urgent, innovative, collective action, so we will also be attending panels with fellow alliance members IRC and Water For Good. Our collective strategy is now part of the UN action points for SDG 6.

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