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the Rulindo Challenge

This Changes Everything

In May 2010, Rulindo, Rwanda launched an ambitious plan to bring access to water and sanitation services to the entire district population. Alongside Water For People, the Ministry of Infrastructure, local leaders, partners, and donors – the Rulindo Challenge was born.

Today, we celebrate the success for over 330,000 people in Rulindo and look back on the journey that brought us here.

Your support powers this progress. Your support changes everything.

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Dive Into the Finances

Curious what it takes to fund the infrastructure for an initiative like the Rulindo Challenge? See how Water For People has shared the investment with the local and national government of Rwanda. 

Program Component Total Investment (USD) Cost Sharing (USD)
Water For People National Government Rulindo District Government
Water Supply Infrastructure $21.7M $11M $7.7M $2.9M
School and Health Care Facility WASH Infrastructure $1.4M $1.1M - $0.2M
Total Infrastructure Cost $23.1M $12.1M $7.7M $3.1M

Of course, building the infrastructure is only half the story when it comes to creating the system that allows these services to be provided to Everyone Forever!

Additional programmatic costs include planning and design, cost estimating, construction management, training on WASH management, operations and maintenance, commissioning of the infrastructure, community and school health initiatives, water resource management, monitoring and evaluation of the functionality of the services provided, rate setting and asset management, and general operations and administration of the Rulindo Challenge program.

Read a few FAQs

Explore questions asked by our supporters and partners. A special thank you to Perpetue Kamuyumbu, Rwanda Country Director, and Mark Duey, Director of Global Programs, for sharing their responses.