This video was filmed at a Boston fundraiser put on by the New England AWWA and WEA Committees.

Volunteer Options

Water For People depends on volunteers to fulfill much of its mission. Volunteers raise funds and spread the word about the desperate need for safe drinking water and improved sanitation in the developing world. You can provide valuable assistance with community outreach, program assistance, and special event coordination. Volunteers have many opportunities for learning and gaining experience.

Water For People has a variety of meaningful ways for you to get involved.

  1. Volunteers know Water For People's work—and what they don't know, they have a desire to learn.
  2. Committed volunteers believe in Water For People and its impact on some of the world's poorest people.
  3. Volunteers have the opportunity to meet like-minded people in their communities and share in making the world a better place.
  4. Water For People is always looking for new volunteers which give more exposure and new energy.

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More than 50 Water For People Committees throughout North America support Water For People's mission through community outreach, advocacy, and fundraising. These volunteer groups are subgroups of their parent organizations, including American Water Works Association Sections and Water Environment Federation Member Associations.

Committee members are invited to join the Committees and Workplace Giving Linkedin Group for Water For People updates and resources.

To find a Water For People Committee event near you: click here.


World Water Corps®

The World Water Corps (WWC) is the technical volunteer arm of Water For People which supports our international programs in their efforts to reach Everyone Forever (universal water and sanitation services that last). Everyone Forever (EF) is the cornerstone of Water For People's programming and success in the development sector. As simple as it may sound, EF is highly complex by nature and requires the full support of all stakeholders, including volunteers. WWC volunteers have the opportunity to engage with Water For People in a dynamic role as expert consultants committed to helping our country programs solve technical challenges. Water For People and the WWC do not dig wells or construct latrines. In fact, we don’t believe that contributing labor to a project is in the best interest of the community. Many ask us why. The answer is simple. Water For People is helping to build community strength that can last over time. We rely upon the WWC to help us learn and grow. Reports and feedback from the WWC volunteers help us know what is working and create (or adapt) our strategies in-country.

WWC trips in the past have provided valuable support to our international programs. The WWC is currently going through a period of transition as our country programs and government partners increase their capacity. This is thanks in part, to the efforts of the WWC and we celebrate that!

Over the past four years there have been several specific program areas, namely monitoring, water quality and water resource management, which we have prioritized for the WWC support, as we have moved to develop our understanding and capacity in these areas specifically. This was the main driver for the development in prior years of an assignment list at the beginning of our planning cycle.

With monitoring, we are excited to share that the monitoring function is now the full responsibility of programs themselves, and we are seeking to go further to embed monitoring within the relevant institutions nationally, in our desire to create the environment for Forever.

With water quality, we now also have water safety plans in each country, and are starting to monitor water quality as part of the annual cycle, so this is also creating incentives for assuring that water quality is given appropriate emphasis within programming.

With water resource management, country programs are actively engaging in activities such as water resources inventories and management plans. Although this capacity is growing within our country programs, this is an area where we will continue to look to the WWC for support.

If you have any questions, please contact

Current WWC Assignments

    There are currently no assignments we are recruiting volunteers for. We will continue to identify opportunities through the year, where we can use the WWC, for example in business planning and modeling, water resource management and evaluations of specific program aspects. Most work will be completed as a desk study without travel to the country. We will post each opportunity here as they develop.

    Additional Opportunities

    The Community Engineering Corps® (CE Corps) combines the strengths of three allied organizations – American Water Works Association, American Society of Civil Engineers, and Engineers Without Borders USA – to assist underserved US communities in meeting their infrastructure needs and improving the quality of life for each of the communities’ members. Volunteers with a range of experience and expertise are needed to work on project teams, serve on committees or mentor student project teams. For more information, please visit

    Volunteer Awards

    Kenneth J. Miller Founders’ Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service

    The Kenneth J. Miller Founders’ Award was established in 2001 by the Board of Directors of Water For People to honor outstanding volunteers for their service and leadership in the advancement of Water For People’s mission at the local committee and regional levels. The Founders’ Award is presented annually to a volunteer selected by each local Water For People committee of the AWWA Section, WEA Member Association, or other governing organization.

    To learn more about the Miller Award, please reach out to

    Robert W. Hite Outstanding Leadership Award

    During the WEFTEC 2008 annual conference, Water For People announced the creation of a Water/Wastewater industry award named in honor of longtime volunteer Robert W. Hite, who was posthumously given the inaugural award. The Robert W. Hite Outstanding Leadership Award is awarded to a person who has demonstrated active leadership to benefit others, and is supportive of Water For People’s mission. A person who inspires a shared vision, is forward thinking and truly envisions a world where all people have access to safe water and sanitation facilities. The award is annual presented at WEFTEC.

    Distinguished Winners:

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