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Reflections of Impact

Welcome to Water For People's 2021 Annual Report. We invite you to explore our Reflections of Impact and the incredible progress that you helped power. This impact would not have been possible without your shared belief in a world in which everyone has access to clean water and sanitation services, forever. Thank you.

Five years of impact

Our Gratitude For You

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Step Into the WASH Room

Our Global Leadership efforts focus on accelerating change by sharing success and important learnings of the Everyone Forever impact model. Blogs written by Water For People team members share lessons and reflections – furthering Water For People’s experience-based leadership. From rainwater harvesting in India to microcredit solutions in Guatemala, visit The WASH Room to read these blog entries and more.

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Discover Destination 2030

In the spirit of scale and building upon the district-level momentum of Everyone Forever, Water For People has joined forces with IRC and announced Destination 2030. Combining forces, we aim to deliver increased reach and scale in-country, expand to new countries with new partners, promote a shared approach to systems change regionally and globally, and share expertise to improve effectiveness.