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A Drop of Pride

diciembre 23, 2020

The Rugarama Village sits between hills and valleys in the southwestern region of Uganda, within the Kamwenge District. In this community, approximately 80 households were using one borehole as a water source. However, the pipes broke down and the village was left without safe water.

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Friends of Water

agosto 17, 2019

Debasis Mondal’s bright orange vest signifies the important role he plays in communities in his region of India. He’s a Jalabandhu – a “Friend of Water.”

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Micrometers: A Simple Solution to Water Scarcity

agosto 16, 2019

In the small community of Llimbe in Peru, water sources were running dry. The idea proposed by the water committee was to add micrometers to each household’s water connection, however some in the community were skeptical.

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