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Catalyzing Sanitation Entrepreneurs in Bihar, India

noviembre 18, 2022

A major component of Water For People’s approach to ensuring sustainable sanitation is supporting locally-led sanitation businesses. These businesses are developed by entrepreneurs to fill a gap in the market, providing families with safe, affordable, and uninterrupted sanitation services because providers are local, not miles away.

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Letting Girls Lead: Making Community Awareness Videos in Rural India

octubre 6, 2022

Instead of a daily trek to find water, girls are finding their voice in one of India’s tribal communities in Chikhaldara.

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The Wait is Finally Over

enero 28, 2021

“Before, the wait for water used to begin in the dark at 4 a.m.”

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Celebrating Hygiene

enero 28, 2021

Everyone at this primary school in West Bengal, India knows that a successful student is a healthy student.

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A Drop of Innovation

diciembre 1, 2020

DK lives in Sheohar District in India, and among other community development activities he was involved in, DK had been trying to help families construct toilets. But he kept running into obstacles.

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The Toilet Seller

mayo 8, 2020

Dharanidhar Kumar has always been known as “DK” to his friends. But now he has a new nickname – The Toilet Seller.

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Water Gives Time

mayo 8, 2020

The village of Banashyam Nagar is in eastern India – nearly as far to the east in the country as you can go. It lies in the vast delta on the Bay of Bengal, formed by the confluence of several major rivers. Bright green fields are broken up by trees, homes, and ponds. Despite the networks of waterways, communities in this area struggle with reliable access to safe water.

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The Little Ministers
of Hygiene

diciembre 18, 2019

Today, these five little ministers take great pride in their positions and in their school. But that wasn’t always the case. In fact, it wasn’t long ago that the school was struggling due to a lack of access to safe water and clean bathrooms.

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Changing Lives
One Toilet
at a Time

noviembre 19, 2019

Seema Devi was married as a teenager. At this young age, she moved to her new husband’s village, away from her family. One of the biggest differences in this new village in the Sheohar district of northern India was that she no longer had a toilet in her home.

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On your period?
No problem.

agosto 17, 2019

Ten girls are keeping hundreds of girls in school in India.

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