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Strategic Partners

Our strategic plan for 2010-2014 drives us to grow our impact without growing our footprint. A critical strategy to accomplish this is to work in partnership at various levels. These are some of our strategic partnerships:

Blantyre Water Board

The Blantyre Water Board, operated by the government of Malawi, selected Water For People to provide technical support for a 31 million–euro initiative funded by the European Union Water Facility and European Investment Bank (EIB) to bring safe drinking water and improved sanitation to more than 540,000 people in 21 low-income areas of peri-urban Blantyre.

Case Foundation

Water For People is very excited to be working with the Case Foundation to deliver safe water solutions to communities in Africa. The Case Foundation is known for, amongst other activities, championing new methods of social entrepreneurship in the water sector and for its commitment to solving the global safe water challenge. Its support will help to accelerate and expand our efforts to promote innovative, sustainable, and social-entrepreneurial-driven water solutions in Africa.

Millennium Water Alliance

Water For People is a member of the Millennium Water Alliance (MWA), a unique permanent consortium of leading international development organizations with experience and expertise in water supply, promotion of sanitation and hygiene education. MWA facilitates cooperation with international and local NGOs and other stakeholders in the WASH sector to build consensus on appropriate WASH policies and effective solutions. MWA seeks a world where everybody is able to use safe water, has access to basic sanitation and practices good hygiene. The mission is to assist people in developing countries with access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education by offering sustainable solutions through advocacy, learning and collaborative programming. The MWA’s goal is to help 500 million people obtain water and basic sanitation by 2015. The MWA vision mirrors their belief that no one should die or suffer chronic illness as the result of a water-related disease. MWA partners collaborate on development programs in various countries. MWA is also an advocate for policies and resources, informing legislators and citizens alike about water as a basic human need. Currently, Water For People collaborates with other MWA members in two programs:

  • The School Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Plus Community Involvement (SWASH+) Central America project was established in February 2008 to address the water, sanitation, and hygiene needs of rural schools with little or no access to safe water and adequate sanitation. Water For People and other MWA partners are targeting 144 schools and more than 15,000 students in 26 municipalities in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua.


Water For People is working with UNICEF on two programs:

  • Water For People, other MWA members, and UNICEF collaborated on the Regional Symposium—Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene in Schools. Its purpose was to highlight the importance of the water, sanitation, and hygiene promotion component in schools as an essential factor to achieve quality education. The method was exchange and dialog among actors involved in the issue at the local, national, and regional levels and decision-makers and authorities in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Water For People and UNICEF Honduras are collaborating to ensure access to water, sanitation, and hygiene education in the municipalities of San Antonio, Chinda, and Santa Barbara.


In Bolivia, Water For People and UN HABITAT are collaborating on implementing Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Interventions in District 9 of Cochabamba within the Water and Sanitation Program for Cities in the Latin America and Caribbean Region (WATSAN-LAC). WATSAN-LAC is a collaboration among countries in the region, the Inter-American Development Bank, and UN HABITAT to enhance pro-poor, sustainable investments in water and sanitation in urban areas.

World Water Day

Water For People, several other organizations, and Water Advocates collaborated on activities for World Water Day and beyond. Two days of events in Washington, D.C. provided an unprecedented platform for the American public and private citizen sectors to redouble efforts for the lifesaving work of extending safe water and sanitation. Increased international support for WASH was announced by representatives from the U.S. government, foundations, universities, corporations, civic groups, faith communities, and non profit development organizations.

RWSN Member Organization

RWSN is a network of individuals and organizations that are committed to improving water services for the rural poor everywhere in the world. Being a Member Organization of RWSN is a commitment to sharing knowledge and good practices, and to uphold the statements set out in the RWSN Vision and 2011 Kampala Commitments.


  • European Investment Bank
  • Inter-American Development Bank
  • Plan International Malawi
  • Water Supply & Sanitation Collaboration Council

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