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Take Action

One person, one campaign, and one organization can’t solve the water and sanitation crisis. But together, we can #ChangeThat and Change the Game.

Whether you are ready to take things to the next level, or you're just getting started, we challenge you to change poverty, change charity campaigns, and change how we collectively solve large global problems.


If you're raring to get out there and really make an impact, Water For People has several volunteer opportunities to choose from to fit your style of philanthropy.

Join hundreds of other volunteers on committees in North America supporting our mission through fundraising, community outreach, advocacy, and more. Or join World Water Corps and travel the globe as an ambassador for the water and sanitation crisis, helping to build community networks and investments, and collect and evaluate data vital to our mission.


Impact Tours

Impact Tours are an important aspect of Water For People’s efforts to show our stakeholders how our approach to sustainability is strengthening communities and fostering independence within well-defined geographical areas; ultimately bringing water and sanitation to every household, every clinic and every school, forever. It is through these trips that you will become a lifelong supporter of Water For People if you aren’t already!

Most tours spend a week in country experiencing our work first-hand and interacting directly with community leaders, local staff, government officials and NGO partners. As an invaluable contributor to our mission, we hope you will choose to take advantage of this once-in-a-life-time opportunity to connect with the people whose lives you have helped to improve.

The Upcoming Impact Tours are:

In addition to the trip cost, a minimum donation of $1,000 to Water For People is required to participate

Events: All Hands On Deck!

Attend, spread the word, sponsor, or create your own…events are an exciting, creative space for sharing innovative developments and strengthening our movement. Every voice, volunteer, and partner who helps make our events possible are champions of our cause. We look forward to working with you in the months ahead.

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The Social Disruptors highlights innovators across industries from music, to fashion, to sports—people in the business of pushing limits, finding unseen opportunities, and moving on them. Spend a few minutes listening to how game changers overcome obstacles and shake things up to achieve lasting social change. Hosted by our CEO, Ned Breslin.


Join Our Tribe

Are you ready to be part of something different? Sign up to learn more about why we are different, hear stories about how we are changing the world through water, and discover how you can help!