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There's something worth celebrating in the water

There’s something in the water that’s truly life-changing. The promise of a better tomorrow is in reach once communities have reliable access to water and sanitation. Families can focus on health, hygiene, and education when they don’t have to spend time walking long distances for water that might make them sick.

This spring, we’re celebrating that extraordinary something in the water, and there’s something YOU can do. When you support communities with water and sanitation, you are helping transform their lives for generations to come.

See what’s life-changing about water


Simon’s exuberant smile gives away his passion for his task at hand: improve the health of his village through better hygiene and sanitation.


The recognition of Digambarpur gram panchayat as the best in the country is the result of exemplary leadership, and the determination of the people of Digambarpur to be a part of something bigger – something extraordinary.


Sweetly sleeping, two-year-old Solange lays contentedly in her mom’s arms. Marie Louise’s other children are at school. This scene, almost serene, feels very different from what Marie Louise says life looked like a few years ago.


Saturnino Días is 50-years-old, but he claims to have more energy than men half his age.

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