This spring we shared the stories of what happens when you Just Add Water. From Aisha leading her community toward water access in Uganda to Bijali no longer walking every day for water in India – we saw that the benefits having of safe water are countless.

Together, you raised over $250,000 to make realities like this possible.

Thank you for your support of our spring campaign – it’s led to improved health, time saved, greater independence, stable jobs, and children staying in school. Together we can reach Everyone with reliable access to water and sanitation – Forever.

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These are the stories of what happens when you just add water.


Despite the energy in her voice, the lines on Faith’s face and clouded eyes behind her glasses betray her age. At 85, she is living what they call the “bonus years” in Uganda, meaning she is alive to see her great grandchildren. But nothing – least of all her age – is stopping Faith from securing a better future for her family, starting with water.

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Water For People is honored to have the support of people committing to extraordinary things on behalf of our mission of sustainable water and sanitation for all. Crowdfunders, Committee volunteers, and donors power our critical work to bring sustainable water and sanitation services to millions of people in the nine countries where we work.

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Laban spends his days overseeing the local water point as community members fetch water. He is the water seller and caretaker of the local hand pump.

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For Celia and her family in the Villa Rivero District of Bolivia, life has gotten easier in the past year.

“Since I was born, I used contaminated well water,” says Celia. “Now, we have access to safe water all the time – for cooking, bathing, and cleaning. Everything has improved.”

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Weave through the rolling green hills of Uganda’s countryside, past lines of banana trees, clusters of coffee plants, and a few cattle wandering alongside a narrow dirt path, and you’ll find Aisha Lubega at her local water point, turning water into progress for her entire community.

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For the first 30 years of her life, Bijali had to walk for water.

“We collected drinking water from our village pond,” Bijali said. “The monsoon seasons were tough, as I had to walk through a waterlogged, broken path.”

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At Water For People, we pay careful attention to the numbers behind our work – because data shows us the impact and illuminates our next steps.

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Francisco Javier Palacios is creating healthier futures in the district of San Rafael del Norte, Nicaragua by changing the way people think about sanitation.

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Make life better. Just add water.

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