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Photograph of a person standing in a dirt road with lush green in the distance

From 51 to 1: Criteria for Expanding into a New Country

December 9, 2022

Samson Bekele, co-CEO of Water For People, shares his vision for Water For People, as he tells us how he created the criteria to select our new partner country in Africa.

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Graphic of several tiger worms

Give Some Worms for the Holidays. It Makes a Difference.

November 21, 2022

Here’s why we chose the five items offered by Water For People in the Light the World Giving Machines this year.

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Photograph of toilet parts and pipes on a shelf

Supporting Entrepreneurs: The Toilet Seller

November 18, 2022

A major component of Water For People’s approach to ensuring sustainable sanitation is supporting locally-led sanitation businesses. These businesses are developed by entrepreneurs to fill a gap in the market, providing families with safe, affordable, and uninterrupted sanitation services because providers are local, not miles away.

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Taking the Long View: Partnering with Governments to Create Change

November 14, 2022

Because Water For People’s plan is to eventually exit the countries we’re working within, partnering with governments and strengthening national systems is a necessary requirement for our work.

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Partnering to Create a US WASH Sector

October 11, 2022

The need for water and sanitation improvements is not limited to middle- and low-income countries, and the inequality has persisted in North America on a devastating scale.

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Making Sure Women Have a Seat at the Table

October 6, 2022

Women’s voices and needs are often absent in the design and implementation of improvements in water and sanitation services. Water For People works to change that.

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Letting Girls Lead: Making Community Awareness Videos in Rural India

October 6, 2022

Instead of a daily trek to find water, girls are finding their voice in one of India’s tribal communities in Chikhaldara.

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Achieving Sustainable Water Access: Lessons from Peru

August 30, 2022

Gisela Murrugarra, Water For People Peru Country Director, steps onto the global stage to share lessons on achieving sustainable water access.

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The Way You Donate Could Be Limiting the Impact of NGOs on the Frontlines of Climate Change

August 9, 2022

By Katherine Williford | August 5, 2022 Now that we’re firmly in the midst of hurricane season 2022, it’s hard not to remember the intensity of the 2020 season – 30…

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Beginning a Water For People Program in Tanzania

July 29, 2022

Water For People’s ambitious 2030 goals to bring clean water and sanitation to 200 million people makes program expansion an important aspect of reaching those goals.

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