Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things for Water For People

Water For People is honored to have the support of people committing to extraordinary things on behalf of our mission of sustainable water and sanitation for all. Crowdfunders, Committee volunteers, and donors power our critical work to bring sustainable water and sanitation services to millions of people in the nine countries where we work.

Crowdfunding: Going the Extra Miles

Racing for Water

On June 17, 2017, cyclists Michael Auer, Lou Barinka, Jeff Boltz, and Glenn Mintzer will compete in the Race Across America to raise awareness and funds for Water For People’s work. This grueling 3,000-mile race crosses 12 states and climbs over 170,000 vertical feet – and it’s done around the clock in less than nine days as cyclists are supported by 11 crew members in an RV and two vans. Training started in October 2016 and includes five to seven days of riding each week, and up to six-hour rides each day on the weekends.

Jeff Boltz (above, on left) works for EA Engineering on water resource projects, and says he has seen the real, tangible benefits of bringing drinking water and sanitation to various parts of the world. “Everyone everywhere deserves to have access to clean water, sanitation, and personal hygiene,” he says. “Almost everyone in the U.S. has access to drinking water and sanitation, but many places in the world don’t. I hope we can bring awareness to that and help in our own little way. We want to race fast, do really well, and along the way help others.”

The team’s goal is to raise $100,000 to support Water For People’s mission. Learn more or sponsor part of their race!

Five Rivers Kayaking Voyage Fundraiser

Gary and Linda De Kock are taking to their kayaks for a third time to raise money to invest in Water For People’s mission. Their 1,176-mile Five Rivers Voyage begins on August 1, 2017 on the headwaters of the Wisconsin River. Their journey takes them down the Mississippi River, 376 miles paddling upstream on the Illinois River, and then onto the Des Plaines and Chicago Rivers. Their eight-week voyage ends on September 29 in Chicago, Illinois, just in time for the Water Environment Federation’s Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) 2017. Their goal is to raise $10 for every mile of the journey, to total $11,760. Learn more or sponsor part of their trip!

“It is the challenge of our journeys that gives them meaning. When we committed to the Mississippi trip [in 2014], we were committing to something we weren’t sure we could do, but we knew every day we paddled and every mile we completed would make a difference in the lives of people around the world. The trip was equally life-changing for us, and we even feel we received more from the experience than we gave.” – Linda De Kock

If you’re interested in crowdfunding for Water For People, learn more on our Crowdrise Page!


Water For People’s 50+ Committees are made up of people passionate about our mission – many of whom are professionals in the water industry and members of the American Water Works Association and Water Environment Federation. Throughout Water For People’s 26 years, their community outreach, fundraising, and events have advanced our work, bringing more people reliable water and sanitation services. And for these volunteers, investing their time, resources, and in some cases, their expertise in Water For People is a way for them to give back in a way that truly drives global change.

Learn about joining a committee.


Maybe you can’t paddle 1,176 miles down a river, race your bike across the country, or join a committee. You can still join our community of donors committed to making Everyone Forever a reality for generations to come. Every dollar raised brings us one step closer to water and sanitation for Everyone Forever.

Invest in our mission today.

This spring, join us in whatever way you can. Invest in our cause, create a crowdfunding campaign, join a committee, or come up with your own creative way to support sustainable water and sanitation. Because if we’re going to end the global water and sanitation crisis, we all need to be in this together.

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