Safe Water in Rulindo

“We’re very happy,” Bernard says. He and his wife Febronie are happy their two young grandsons don’t have to walk so far to fetch water. They’re happy that the new water point supports the entire village, improving lives for Everyone. A change that will last Forever, through sustainable tariffs that fund operations and maintenance well into the future.

In a small village of the Rulindo district in Rwanda, grandparents Bernard and Febronie live on a farm with their two young grandsons. On the lush hillside, they raise cows and grow yams, potatoes and beans.

When the boys are not studying, they help with the crops and livestock, and also help their Grandma prepare meals. Many things contribute to the family’s health, happiness and hopes for the future.

Safe water is the foundation for achieving these hopes.

Last year, a water point was installed near their home through a partnership between the local government and Water For People. Previously, the family had to walk two hours up and down hills to find water for drinking, washing vegetables, cooking and bathing. For the aging grandparents, this daily trek was physically difficult. For the young boys, this chore often kept them from school and their studies.

Now, things are different.

“We’re very happy,” Bernard says.

For this family and countless more, investing in Everyone Forever has made a major impact in their lives today, and will for generations yet to come.

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